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8 Memory Foam Mattress

Big Save for 8" Memory Foam Mattress with 2" Memory Foam + Air Flow Cool Foam + Pressure Relief Foam 

  • Amazing comfort from body-conforming memory foam
  • Feel Like you are floating on a cloud
  • No pressure points
  • Deeper Sleep
  • Product Size: 54" x 75" x 8"

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Memory Foam Mattress Knowledge, Reviews and Buying Guidelines

Memory Foam was developed in response to the ever growing number of mattress and mattress pad shoppers who have heard about benefits of memory foam, but have not been given enough information to make a proper buying decision.  Our goal is to make informed buyers out of every foam mattress shopper.  We do this with the help of Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C., an expert in the subject of pain relief and proper sleeping posture aids.  After several years of research, Dr. Swartzburg has accumulated a vast amount of information on this subject and has figured out how to convey it in a clear and concise manner to help people with this very important decision-making process. 

What Makes Foam have Memory

To give a piece of foam memory, you start with a synthetic polyurethane foam material and add certain types of chemicals which add an increase in weight or density to the foam.  With the addition of these chemicals, a non-toxic, visco-elastic foam material is created.  Visco-elastic can be synonymous with memory foam or some like to refer to this as "viscoelastic memory foam."  However, there are many features along the way that will help determine what type of memory foam you end up with.   To understand exactly what differences are found in each final product, you first have to start with understanding how to grade each foam.

What about organic or green memory foam?
One new trend in all bedding is to speak about organic memory foam or green memory foam.  While there are ways to make memory foam more environmentally friendly (Biogreen® Memory Foam is one such example), for memory foam to have the same type of visco-elastic feel and support as the original NASA developed formulation, it cannot be organic, soy based (usually 5 - 10 % soy can be added to memory foam), nor can it be all-natural.  However, the memory foam made in the United States has been shown to be safe and non-toxic and some manufacturers have gone one step further to reduce or eliminate V.O.C. off-gassing odors and other borderline chemical additives.

What to look for in a good quality memory foam mattress
Obviously it will be important to allow the foam to do what it is best for:  Allowing for a better contouring of your body shape and therefore less pressure placed on the areas of your body that press harder against the bed.  However, don't just go by your weight, because if you are tall, then your weight is dispersed over the bed more.
A good memory foam mattress will not need a box spring underneath it to make the mattress feel good.  You can order a platform base to increase the height of the bed, but remember that this mattress should feel good if it was placed on an even, concrete surface.  A good way to test the surface of a box spring or box foundation is to sit or even stand on various areas and see if it compresses underneath you.  If you have an existing foundation that is weak, you can easily place two cut 3/4 to 1 inch thick plywood sheets over it to give it the necessary support.
Also, you may want to look at the warranty that a company offers, because you can then worry less about spending extra money for a higher weighted mattress and can attempt to get the correct mattress feel, but save on cost.  
Beware of Cheap Imitations!
Unfortunately, not all foam is created equal.  Many companies will put together the mattress in the U.S., but buy the foam overseas to save money.  With overseas foam, we cannot be sure of the quality or the composition, so we are very wary of recommending mattresses that use memory foam not produced in the United States, with the exception of Tempur-Pedic, who has the only high quality Swedish manufacturing facility we know of.  The rest of the overseas foam makers produce memory foam that seems to flatten out with compression, even though it may feel comfortable upon the first feel.  Therefore, the memory foam made overseas may not last as long, be as safe to sleep on, and offer enough support.  Unfortunately, many companies state their beds are made in the U.S. because the mattress is put together in the U.S., even though they do not use U.S. produced foam.  For a list of companies that have produced documentation verifying that their mattresses are 100% produced in the U.S., click here.

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Huge Discount! Full Size 12" Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress with 5" 5LB density Viscoelastic Memory Foam.

Full Size 12" Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress with 5" 5LB density Viscoelastic Memory Foam.

Full Mattress Only - Box Foundation is not included. Senses like a Tempur-Pedic Swedish MattressFull Size is (54"x74") 10 YEAR WARRANTY!! Crafted with 5.5LB 100% Memory Foam Is sold for $1300.00 and up!! All items are new and delivered in original product packaging. Don't be fooled into acquiring an "original" for no reason. Our bed mattress is guaranteed to feel and perform the same or your money back!!! Why are Memory Foam mattresses the most desired mattresses we promote? It uses the Visco-elastic Memory Foam Technology developed by NASA to "sense" your body's weight and temps and then softly adjust to your shape to decrease strain points and minimize tossing and turning. See Huge Discount at Amazon

What To Look For In A Full Size Memory Foam Mattress - 3 Key Characteristics

So you have decided to take the plunge and buy a full size memory foam mattress. But what do you look for? How do you determine which one is the best for your bedroom?
This article will go into all the things you should consider as you shop around for a full size memory foam mattress. The three most important characteristics you should keep in mind are thickness, density, and quality. All of these characteristics are easy to find out as you search around, and are crucial in determining whether or not the full size memory foam mattress you're looking at will be suitable for your needs.

Generally speaking, you will want to aim for a mattress that is around 3 - 5 inches in thickness. Although you can find some cheaper mattresses around 2 inches, these ones are generally not adequate to provide the "full" memory foam experience.
A higher thickness value means that there is more material between your body and the base of the mattress, thus minimizing the amount of pressure on your body and providing for a more luxurious sleep. It is even more important to invest in a thicker mattress if you're a fairly large person.

Another often talked about (but frequently misunderstood) characteristic is density. Memory foam mattresses come in a range of densities, and there is a lot of misinformation on what exactly the best density is.
In short, there is no "best" density for a mattress, however, a higher density (around 4 or 5 pounds) does often correlate to a more comfortable sleep. This is because a higher density mattress will provide you with more support and mold better to your body's unique characteristics.
However, there are two things that you should keep in mind if you're going to buy a higher density mattress. First, higher density mattresses tend to get very hot over the course of the night (especially if you buy a cheaper one). Be on the lookout for mattresses with improved ventilation systems (such as COOL-TEK) to ensure that the mattress is able to properly ventilate your body heat.
Secondly, higher density mattresses can often feel a bit firm. For most people, this is not a problem, as the increased firmness is also associated with increased comfort (since the mattress molds to your body). However, there are a few people out there that have a difficult time sleeping on firm mattresses. If you're one of those people, than try to opt for a more mid-range density (around 3 or 4 pounds).

Finally, not all memory foam is created equal. This is particularly the case for mattresses manufactured in foreign countries.
Always make sure that the mattress you're getting is made from 100% memory foam material. In order to cut costs (and increase densities) some companies will actually fill the mattress with "filler" material such as clay, which of course negatively influences its comfort level.
Of course, an easy way to circumvent this issue is to buy mattresses made in the US or Canada, as regulations in place ensure these ones are produced with 100% genuine materials.

Conclusion - Finding The Best Full Size Memory Foam Mattress
Finding a good quality full size memory foam mattress for your home does not need to be a difficult task. All it requires is a little advanced knowledge (as I provide you with in this article) and a little research. Before you buy a mattress, be sure to check out product reviews and customer feedback, to find out what others have to say about it.
Make sure you're not getting ripped off when you buy your next mattress. Check out this Full Memory Foam Mattress Reviews site to get all the latest reviews and customer feedback on the top mattresses out there.

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Mattress Review. Compare Mattress Sizes, Twin, Full, Queen King

From Youtube: Mattress Review. Compare Mattress Sizes, Twin, Full, Queen King

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Full Size Air Mattress with Electric Pump

Looking for Full Size Air Mattress with Electric Pump? Recommend Air Mattress from Intex
Intex Pillow Rest Queen Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump

  • Size: 62 x 18.5 x 80 inches (W x H x D)
  • Electric Pump Inculded

Inflatable queen air mattress with built-in electronic pump for home use. Waterproof flocked top with vinyl beams and sturdy development. High-powered pump inflates mattress in roughly 3 minutes. Lifted 17.5 inches from ground; built-in cushions for additional comfort and ease. 600-pound capacity; measures 62 x 18.5 x 80 inches (W x H x D). Location, heat, and moisture will affect the air mattress firmness. Air mattresses will need to be sometimes re-inflated (topped off) to sustain desired firmness when used for more than a few days as vinyl tends to relax over time. Dimensions will vary based on consumers inflation. Air mattresses are measured from the widest stage including the beams (bulges) on the side and off the highest point from the floor which includes built-in pillows if applicable. 

 See Discount Intex Pillow Rest Queen Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump

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Full Size Mattress for Camping

Look for Full Size Mattress for Camping? I Recommend 

Easy to use and setup. The bed itself, once rolled up, doesn't really match back into the linked bag, but the bag does the task regarding containing the your bed roll and making the total outfit convenient together with a useful transporting strap. The actual mattress also, as marketed, did not have any kind of leakages as well as fully held its air overnight.